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Spices, spice blends and herbs from the specialist: J. C. Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. is your professional supply partner in the food industry, food service industry and retail industry. Take advantage of our expertise, which is the basis of our 240-plus years of successful company history.

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We supply both the Swiss and the international food industry with spices, spice blends and herbs. Our products and services are optimally tailored to your requirements and needs. Come and have a chat with us.


The right spices are the key to success in the complex production of food. We offer individualised solutions, and guarantee consistent quality and prompt delivery.

Food Service

Our extensive range of catering spices and refined spice blends are very popular among food service professionals, as they make their preparation work easier and help them to achieve optimum results.


We strive for the highest quality at all levels – from the growing practices in the regions of origin, through to more than 20 million attractively designed packages on retail shelves annually so that our spices meet our customers’ every need.


We bring the world of spices to you.

Spices and herbs from all over the world have found their way to the centre of Switzerland to J. C. Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. for more than 240 years now. You benefit from our centuries of experience in the development, refinement, filling and distribution of premium-grade spices manufactured in Swiss quality. This know-how has transformed our Swiss family-owned company into one of the market leaders in the spice world.


We offer more than 140 spices from all over the world.

From annatto sourced from Bolivia, to cloves from Penang, through to cinnamon flowers from China – J. C. Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. has a comprehensive range of spices. Besides classics such as pepper, paprika and nutmeg, we also carry many other exquisite spices from the four corners of the globe. Moreover, we offer various processing options to adapt our spices to your taste and preferred degree of grinding.


Only the world’s best spices meet our high standards.

We at J. C. Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. are convinced that both select raw materials as well as strict attention to quality at every stage of the supply chain process are required to produce premium-grade spices. Only when we control these processes do we receive a product that meets our expectations – and yours. For this reason, we strive to improve our spice creations on an ongoing basis.


Our spice suppliers are world-class.

A global network of premium suppliers has arisen over the decades to ensure that the raw materials satisfy the high requirements of J. C. Fridlin Gewürze Ltd. We ensure that we are always up to date on the growing practices and climate in the countries of origin, and then we use this information to determine the particular quality of the spices that we purchase at any one time.

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