By choosing to do business with the Swiss company J. C. Fridlin Gewürze Ltd., you have made a conscious decision in favour of premium spices, spice blends, herbs and herb blends as well as the related top-quality services.

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You will also benefit from the high degree of verticalisation in the services related to our range of spices. Our Swiss quality products offer you optimum market opportunities for the culinary delights that you produce with them.

Our areas of expertise


Developing spice and herb blends

We inform you about the latest product trends and develop new spice blends and herb blends in consultation with you. And finally, we also help you to implement new packaging ideas.


Procuring raw materials and packaging materials

We source our spices and herbs from the best producers via our global relationship network. We only place our trust in producers that are the best in their field in order to protect the precious spices for the end consumers.


Processing and refining in our traditional mill

We refine the spices and herbs in our spice mill – one of the last of its kind in Switzerland. The raw materials are carefully ground, sieved and mixed in accordance with customer requirements. In this way, we produce optimum products for the food industry, food service industry and retail.


Packaging in accordance with customer requirements in the filling plant

We package the precious spices, herbs and spice blends in a wide variety of receptacles in our filling plant. Whether jars, pouches, tins or bags, we pack exactly in accordance with our customers’ requirements.


Distribution in keeping with today’s customer processes

Compliant, punctual, contemporary distribution is an indispensable part of today’s food industry. For years, we have offered EDI solutions in a wide variety of process depths to suit our customers’ requirements. You can rest assured that our freight partners are food transport specialists.

Which business segment do you operate in?

We supply both the Swiss and the international food industry with spices, spice blends and herbs. Our products and services are optimally tailored to your requirements and needs. Come and have a chat with us.


The right spices are the key to success in the complex production of food. We offer individualised solutions, and guarantee consistent quality and prompt delivery.

Food Service

Our extensive range of catering spices and refined spice blends are very popular among food service professionals, as they make their preparation work easier and help them to achieve optimum results.


We strive for the highest quality at all levels – from the growing practices in the regions of origin, through to more than 20 million attractively designed packages on retail shelves annually so that our spices meet our customers’ every need.

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